Best India Has Cross The Limit And Create The New World Record The Coronavirus Patients Will Die

Best India Has Cross The Limit And Create The New World Record The Coronavirus Patients Will Die
Best India Has Cross The Limit And Create The New World Record The Coronavirus Patients Will Die

Coronavirus Second Wave In India

The Indian Capital Delhi Has Extended Its Lockdown For Another Week As The Country Set A Global Record For Daily Coronavirus Infections For A Fourth

Day In A Row Just Under 350 000 New Cases Were Reported In The Last 24 Hours Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said That India Had Been Shaken By A Storm And Called On People To Get Vaccinated On  This Report

Patients Continue To Arrive At Hospitals Struggling To Breathe Needing Urgent Treatment But The Health System Is Close To Collapse Almost Three Hundred And Fifty Thousand New Cases In The Latest Daily Figures Another Record

Coronavirus Patients In India Today

This Man Is Desperate To Find Help For His Sister In Delhi I’ve Been Trying Non-Stop For Three Days From One Hospital To Another I’ve Never Seen Anything So Terrible Ever In My Life

What’s Needed Above All Is Oxygen Patients Are Dying Because It’s Running Out But These Are The Scenes Inside Many Hospitals Pushed To Their Limits

Coronavirus Who Update

The World Health Organization Says The Situation In India Is A Devastating Reminder Of What Coronavirus Can Do And Doctors Are Feeling The Strain It’s

Doctors Speech On Corona

Been 20 Years Or So I’ve Been Into This Profession And I’ve Never Seen This Kind Of A Pricey Situation And

I Hope That Nobody Else Sees It And We Never See It Again Because The Kind Of Numbers Are There The Lack Of Infrastructure We Are Facing

The Supplies And The Physical Stress Because It’s A Highly Contagious Illness So The Healthcare Workers Are Also Getting Infected So It Is Acting As A Double Whammy As Well As Having Problem From The Manpower As Well As The Supply So It Is A Very Very Difficult Scenario

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Cases

At This Plant In The State Of Uttar Pradesh Hospital Staff Are Among Those Queuing Up Trying To Get Supplies Of Oxygen The Government Says It’s Distributing It

To Some Of The Hardest Hit Areas Using The Train And Also The Plane The Air Force Has Been Called In To Help Customs Duties On Imports Of Medical Grade Oxygen Have Been Axed To Try To Boost

India And Us Coronavirus Government Action

The Availability But Critics Say It’s Too Little Too Late Earlier This Year The Government Thought It Had Beaten The Virus With Cases Falling Vaccines Were Being Exported And The Health Minister Said India Was In The End Game Of The Pandemic But

The Emergence Of New Variants As Well As Mass Gatherings Has Completely Changed The Picture The U.S Is Promising Additional Support To India

To Tackle What It’s Calling An  Horrific Outbreak With Record Numbers Of New Cases And Deaths There Will Be Many Tough Days Ahead

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